Monday, March 12, 2012

DeaconMover 2000

So Liam passed the Sacrament for the first time this Sunday, with his typical flair and finesse.

I was proud of him. Let me say that up front, no matter the hilarity (mild) I may report further. When we got to church his Deacon’s quorum advisor came up to him and asked if he wanted to pass that day, or wait until next week. Typically, when you give Liam an out, he takes it. Not Sunday. He opted to take on the job then and there, without any prompting.

Round one: He’s in line getting a tray for bread, then darts back to the bench where he’d been sitting with the other boys. Gets back in line quickly with a little laminated card in his hand: Directions on the route he was to follow through the chapel. Score for him.

Second round: As he walks by our pew, he gives us a little wave. Not quite the breach of etiquette of the double-dog dare, but he did stand out.

Round three; IN priesthood opening exercises, they asked for volunteers from the Deacons quorum to go to a rest home to help pass the Sacrament there. Much hemming and hawing among the priesthood. I didn’t want to push Liam, but then he leans over and whispers, “Dad, should I do it?” If you want to, son. So he did. We ended up going together – that was the price of his volunteerism – and he did just fine, in a new environment, with a new task.

Again, very proud of the boy. I remember those awkward years. He’ll do just fine.

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