Saturday, July 27, 2013


Got the following email from a student this week:

Hi Brother Davidson,

I noticed my journal was graded before I had to write in it.  I am assuming that was  you way of saying we didn't have to have a journal entry this week.  Thanks! I feel guilty that when I was answering the questions this week, about if I viewed the video's and whatever the other two questions were, I said yes.  I was going to mark them all no, but I said to myself, "That would seem as if I didn't do what I was supposed to do this week."  I think there should have been an added option, like maybe a N/A button.

I want to thank you for being such a great teacher.  I have benefited from this class because you are a natural at encouraging people.  I have tried to figure out exactly what it was you did to set our class at ease without lowering your expectations of us.  Maybe it was the fact you would give points for any errors we found in your work.  Brilliant! It was a way to reinforce lessons we were learning.  I think your teaching style can be compared to a woman's make-up.  If she has done it right, no one will even know she is wearing it.  I cannot pin point exactly what it was that you did. 

I have enjoyed the extra examples you posted for us to watch, helping to clarify the assignments. I think the eye in front of your home was extremely helpful.  All the personal examples you let us read made me feel you were right there with us as we walked the English 106 trek. 

I hope things go well for your son with Asperger's.  We have a grandson with Hyperlexia.  I also hope that your brother will benefit from the letter's you write him. Again, thanks for being such a great teacher!

Now, given this is from one of my English 106 students and they're naturally about the nicest people on the face of the earth, I have to assume she'd send this to put near anyone who crossed her path and didn't scowl at her. Still, it's good to hear that I'm making an impact and helping them see that writing can be a lot of fun if they give it a chance. It makes me look forward to next semester. After the seven-week break, of course.

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