Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Round Three

Suddenly, after the kids went to bed last night, Round Three happened.

Or at least started. Round Three, the third draft to Doleful Creatures.

It came on me sudden-like, as I said before. It’s time. I wrote the second draft back in November and then, with only a few cursory looks, shelved it. Oh, I did drag it out for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, but just before the first-round winners were announced, I noticed I’d uploaded an incomplete manuscript – ten thousand words short, far below the minimum needed. I took that as a sign that the novel wasn’t ready.

Of course, I knew that before I hit submit. But that’s okay.

Round Three.

Have already noted an incontinuity with a minor character. Not a big deal, perhaps, but pronouncing her passed on on Page 8 only to resurrect her (albeit in absentia) later in the novel probably is not a good thing.
And I’ve known all along the two stories within this story – the redemption of Jarrod the magpie from murderer to reluctant hero and the salvation of Purdy Farm needed to be tied together better.

Hence Round Three.

And I have a cheering section, which helps. Thanks to Robert Schultz who is publishing his first novel, and to Stefan Bateman who is reading the second draft of Doleful Creatures and might possibly design a cover for me, if I ever get it finished. Knowing I’m not alone here is helping.

Originally, I’d planned Round Three to begin in April, but it hit me last night I need to do it now. It’ll still probably take me into that window in April to finish, but at least I can say I’ve started now.

Why? Because Plankton told me to.

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