Friday, November 27, 2015

Cover Experimentation

Experimenting with potential covers for "Doleful Creatures."

Not sure if I want to go photo-realistic or some kind of illustration. Suggestions would be helpful.

The book is a 92,000-word fantasy with animals as main characters.

Elevator pitch:

What if the sixth day dawned, but the work was never finished?

What if the Earth, populated with beasts of the field, fowls of the air, all manner of creeping things both in the water and above, never saw the arrival of Man? Who would rule? And who would partake of the forbidden fruit? Doleful Creatures is that story – after the sixth day closed.

Follow Jarrod the magpie and Aloysius the badger, enemies in the flesh who were once friends, descendants of the foes of The Lady. The Lady who tried to stop the completion of the sixth day to spare animals the dominion of men, and who seeks even now to turn the clock back even if it means enslaving the creatures she loves. Fight with Jarrod and Aloysius as they try to repair their friendship and as they fight the bitterness, despair, and the death their friendship brought to the world of the wood just outside Purdy Farm. Search with them as they attempt to find the secret to unlocking the conclusion of the sixth day before The Lady discovers it and brings slavery to the world of animals and destruction to the world of men.

Then wait to see if the seventh day dawns, when all may find rest.

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