Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Waiting for Vizzini

So, just before Thanksgiving, I sent Doleful Creatures off to a single publisher that doesn’t care for simultaneous submissions. They tell me to wait twelve weeks to hear back from them.

Every time I check the calendar, I have a few weeks left.

I wonder – are they reading it now and getting ready for a quick chuck into the round file? Are they reading it and perhaps putting it in the maybe pile? Or is it so buried in the pile of submissions it’ll be another twelve weeks?

Don’t know.

But I’m not going to pester.

I should, however, start looking for other publishers . . . taking me back to the beginning.

But not really the beginning. Because as I wait, I can revise. One of my beta readers finished reading and says she liked the book -- but that the "poetry" in the latter half needs to find its way to the first half. And I kinda knew that, just because it started out as one kind of book and ended up as another. So back to the drawing board. But with vigor.

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