Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Laid Off . . . For A Day.

So next week we make the transition from CWI to Fluor Idaho out at work – moving from one contract to the next. And as I’m not a direct employee of either CWI nor Fluor Idaho, you’d think it wouldn’t affect me.

But it does, in that I’m being laid off. For a day.

That just means my Memorial Day weekend will extend through Tuesday, rather than ending on Monday. Old contract expires March 26, but the new one doesn’t kick in until June 1. I don’t understand why things work out that way, but the important thing is I still have a job.

Still undetermined, however, is how things are going to work under the new contract – because we’re not just moving from A to B. We’re moving all the way down to X as what have been two separate waste treatment projects – our work at RWMC and work “across the fence’ at AMWTP are now one big happy family.

I have not even an inkling of how that will affect me as a technical writer. I assume they have at least one like me over there. Will we ever interact? Trade jobs (that doesn’t seem likely) or never cross that fence into the other’s territory (also likely) or get some kind of cross training so we can help each other out (that would make sense, but this is government work, so who knows if what makes sense is going to happen).

(I’m going through all of this just like Guy Fleegman from Galazy Quest, “Just jazzed to be on the show.” I don’t even care if I’m there as plucky comic relief, just as long as there’s a steady paycheck in it all (now I’m channeling Winston Zeddemore).

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