Monday, May 1, 2017

Rational Childhood Fears: Alum

Bugs Bunny - (Ep. 75) - Long-Haired Hare 2015 by serijedomace04

I never knew what alum was as a kid, but I lived in fear of it.

Mostly because of Bugs Bunny, and what he did with a little vaporized alum to Giovanni Jones. I mean, a few little spritzes and his HEAD SHRINKS DOWN TO ALMOST NOTHING.

Do. Not. Want.

And it freaked me out when I saw a little container of alum in Mom's spice cabinet. Who knew what she was doing with that awful stuff?

Probably this:

Look at the fear on Mr. Jones' face in the third panel. And the knotted fingers in the fourth. Whatever was going on, it was painful

I mean, Mom had a LOT of scary stuff hidden on random shelves: Pepto-Bismol, bottles of cherries preserved decades ago, dried crushed red pepper, BOTTLED BEETS. But it was the alum, of all things, you did NOT want to mess with.

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