Monday, June 19, 2017

Teenager Driving

So on Saturday, while Michelle was off to a scout meeting, Liam took me for a drive.

Things to point out:

  1. I’m a lousy passenger. Even with experienced drivers.
  2. I did not die, nor even freak out.

He does have his learner’s permit; he got it last Wednesday after completing drivers ed. Now he has to do 50 or 60 hours of supervised driving before he can get his license. Saturday, we did a half hour.

This is a crazy summer to be handing him the wheel. We’ve had a number of high-profile accidents lately, all involving teenagers and fatalities. I’m hoping Liam doesn’t even come close to adding to these stories. I know one does not equal the other and that just because other teens are having accidents it doesn’t mean Liam will. Nevertheless, I’m hoping nothing happens.

There are a few notable differences. Liam is 17. The other drivers in question are a year or two younger. Liam is also NOT driving with other teenagers in the car, with the exception of his siblings and only when a parent is present. And he won’t be taking a vehicle to school regularly.

Liam drove us from downtown to home, going up Sunnyside most of the way. This was his first time driving an SUV, so he wasn’t really used to that. He need to do more head checking when he changes lanes, that too I know.

Then Sunday he drove Michelle and company up to Treasure Mountain, adding about an hour and a half to his experience. He had to surrender the wheel at the Wyoming state line, as he’s not allowed to drive outside the state. Michelle says he did well then too. Hopefully, this continues.

We need to talk to our insurance company, of course. Don’t even want to know what’s going to happen there.

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