Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Flip Phone Nirvana

I love the look on my Scouts’ faces when I had them my phone when they ask to use it.
They are, of course, expecting an Internet-connected smartphone, because the last thing they want to do with a phone is, you know, text or make a call.

So the frowns I get when I hand over my LG flip phone are precious to me.

Now, this.

The FCC suddenly thinks maybe deployment of “fast” mobile broadband Internet service is enough, and that pushing for faster – as in 25Mbps compared to the 10Mpbs for mobile – shouldn’t be a priority anymore.

Do you want more publicly-owned broadband networks, FCC? Because this is sure how you’re going to get them.

I obviously do not use my phone for Internet. And while I have a Kindle Fire HD, it’s of the wi-fi only variety. I like the Internet on my bulky desktop at home, 
thankyouverymuch. If I’m going to drop $50 a month for Internet service, it’s going to be on devices I can actually see with my progressive-lensed eyes, and for which I have no data caps (as of yet) or other restrictions on service (so far).

So, FCC, I’m a big fan of net neutrality. And I’m not a fan of the idea of mobile broadband becoming king, no matter what the bigcorporations want.

Want to let the FCC know what you think of mobile broadband being the go-to? Go here.

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