Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pffff. This is Lame

I'm in a rut.

But I'm getting out of it.

This summer:
  1. Putting in a sprinkler system. Started work on it last Saturday, and should have the rest of the system in this weekend. Then I have to dig all the trenches and bury the system before winter comes. That'll stink.
  2. Editing, illustrating (not sure how I'm going to do either) YERSHI THE MILD, then publishing it as an ebook. There's a good chance my first novel is going to suck. But then again there's a good chance my first novel is going to suck anyway, so on with it, and trichinosis be damned.
  3. Biking or walking every evening. Probably going to be walking, since the dog will need her exercise as well. Must also stock up on post-walk chewies. For the dog.
  4. Finishing the first draft of THE HERMIT OF IAPETUS. Before that, however, actually going to figure out what the novel is all about. What I've written thus far, however, I like, and that's after putting it away for six months.
  5. Coming up with another novel idea to write during NaNoWriMo 2012. Not going to "cheat" this year by going into it with 8,000 words already written, though I did do a lot of organization with that written chunk during the NaNoWriMo window.
  6. Pleased as punch to have this entry done so the automatic Mr. Trololo video is off the main page. I won't have to hit pause any more. I hope with that video I've passed on some knowledge on why auto-starting any kind of video or music on your site is bad. Unless that is what you do. Which I do not.

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