Monday, June 11, 2012

Speed Connect Update

Time to give credit where credit is due.

After I posted a rather impatient post on Speed Connect's Facebook page about the poor quality of our Internet service as of late, we got some action.

First of all, we got a call from their local representative a little nonplussed about the Facebook posting -- evidently, she'd gotten a call about it and was told to act on it immediately. She said she'd send a tech out, but at tht time the Internet was working adequately. Later on in the day, howwever, it wasn't so my wife called her back. That got us a week's refund and a promise that a technician would come out Monday to see what was going on.

The tech did arrive Monday and discovered that our antenna, in seeking a strong signal from Speed Connect, was connecting to a tower much further away than the closest one to us, thus giving us a weaker signal. He talked ot hte antenna and now has it connecting to the proper tower. I suspect all of this was due to the company's work on "upgrading" things locally, leaving the closwer tower out of commission long enough for our antenna to lock onto the more distant one.

Jake -- BridgeMaxx' sole technician -- fixed us up right, so kudos to Speed Connect on getting things fixed quickly. Jake tells us the company is investing a lot more in the sytem's backbone, meaning outages and poor signals should be a thing of the past. Hoping all that work doesn't translate into higher costs for us. We've been promised that our current contract will be grandfathered in, but all bets are off for when that contract is up and, well, business happens.

Still, five of five stars for Speed Connect getting things working again, lest ye think I only post about them to complain.

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