Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moonwalk One

There are still dreamers.

There are still builders.

There are still those who would dare to do what appears impossible, on deadlines that seem too strict and with technology that is built by the lowest bidder.

Maybe things seem small today. Maybe there are those hwo think we aren't reaching as far as we used to, that the will is gone, that the desire has faded.

They are wrong. It's little things, like money, priorities, politics, bickering. The big things -- physics, electronics, propulsion, psychology, the limits of men -- are ready. It's the little things that stop us today from repeating what was done in the past, what limits us from reaching further into the future.

Thank you, Mr. Armstrong, for what you did. You worked hard. You were in the right profession at the right time. You studied and became stronger both body and mind and, for a while, showed us a future when, like Miss Pickerell, we anticipated that soon anyone could go to the Moon, into outer space, to one of the colonies established by man, with only a minimum of effort.

Our time may yet come.

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