Monday, September 30, 2013

Fiddling While Rome Burns

I could temporarily be out of a job in mid-October if Congress shuts the government down.

Got this mass email today from the powers that be at CWI:
As many of you are aware, annual funding for the government expires at midnight tonight.      If the Continuing Resolution or other stopgap funding legislation is not signed into law, a government shutdown will be necessary.
CWI anticipates it has sufficient carry-over funding to maintain current operations through mid-October, thus all CWI personnel shall report to work on October 1 and continue as scheduled unless directed otherwise.
Thank you for your continued focus on safety, hard work and patience through this process.  I will keep you notified of any new developments.
Let me put it simply, Congress: I can’t afford to go without this job. Who could? I do have a part-time job right now, but that’s supplemental income, not core.

I won’t pretend to have any solutions to this mess, nosir. I don’t like the idea of our government spending in debt, but I don’t like the idea of it shutting down either. I do know I don’t like Congress dickering over this mess, holding things hostage over Obamacare. If you haven’t settled that issue separately, what do you think messing about with it in conjunction with making things even worse for those of us who work for a living is going to make everything better?
I don’t anticipate the government will shut down. I believe the Republicans will blink. I also believe Congress should forego pay, vacation, and benefits until they get their heads screwed on straight.

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