Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getting Past the Undesireable Chairs


After nearly a year farting about with things, I’ve finally started revising “The Hermit of Iapetus.”
In part, I’m reluctant to do so because I’m certain I’ll find out just how bad it is. But at the same time, that’s good news, as letting this much time pass has thrown in some emotional distance from the story and I can see where it needs help. Lots of it. Now.
I still need a strategy, though. I’ve taken notes. Lots of notes on things I want to fix. And I’ve got a lot of mental notes as well, including doing a lot more research, particularly in reading Roald Amundsen’s journals from his Antarctic voyage in full before proceeding too far.
But I’m making progress. Progress is good.
I’m at a crossroads with my writing. I want to finish something, particularly with only two months now before NaNoWriMo 2013 starts. I’m indecisive on whether to participate this year. Part of me really wants to write another novel this year. Another part says, um, you’ve got at least four novels for which you’ve done the first draft, and nothing’s come of any of them. Maybe finishing one of them before you start another is a good idea. But then it hits me: Writing one while editing another might also be a good thing.
Add to that I’m teaching two classes again this semester.
Add to that I’m changing church callings (more on that in a few weeks) and it’s not going from something tough to something easy, let me tell you. Though it is going from something uncomfortable to something more preferable. No undesirable chairs here.
So I’ll soldier on with the edits, and, I think, participate this November as well. Might as well stay busy, right?

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