Tuesday, February 11, 2014

'Be Willing to Rewrite'

I was kind of bummed this week when I missed out on the opportunity to have Doleful Creatures edited professionally (OK, by an intern at a small publisher looking to beef up her editing references). Missing out, it seemed, meant another opportunity lost to see my book published.

But the more I think of Doleful Creatures, I know it’s not ready yet.

And here’s another reason why:

Per GalleyCat, here’s what author Louis Sachar says about editing (particularly, self-editing):

When asked for writing advice, Sachar recommended that one “always be willing to rewrite.” He shared that he always comes up with the best ideas as he is re-writing. He feels that initial ideas can sometimes seem superficial and it is only in subsequent drafts that those ideas become more substantial. For Sachar, each book typically requires him to write six drafts. He usually devotes the first three or four drafts to ironing out the plot and character development. For his final drafts, he tries to write the story in the most artistic way he can.

So, there sits Doleful Creatures, having gone through two drafts. As I’ve said in the past, it’s still a developing book. And needs to develop more. Sachar is giving me the courage to continue with my own edits. Though outside eyes would have been nice . . .

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