Monday, May 12, 2014

Round Four Begins!

While I wait for a small handful of pseudo beta readers to ply their magical trade on my novel, I start Round Four of editing myself. Because, as is said in the movie “Babe,” there are ideas that tickle and nag and refuse to go away – for in them lie the seeds of destiny.

Doleful Creatures isn’t going away. When I have an idle moment, I recall fond memories of editing in Round Three. Yes, fond memories. That sounds weird. But I take that as a good sign.

And even better, as I toil away on this book: Other books that I’ve written are crying out for attention as well. Maybe there is something to this writing thing.

The big edit so far, just a few pages in: I’m still mixing my verb tenses. That’s not a good thing. But with every edit, I’m catching more and more of these errors, and fixing them.

And maybe this time through, the story will be better.

This is all rather inspirational. Though part of me is feeling like this right now:

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