Sunday, May 18, 2014

Update: Round Four

So I got twelve chapters in before I noticed that in Round Three, I added a bit of foreshadowing (Chapter Twelve) that I don't really pay off as Doleful Creatures ends.

So, good thing Round Four is happening.

And it's a pretty good bit of foreshadowing which is going to require quite a bit of thinking as I continue Round Four. I've got a few rough ideas what the payoff will be, but as for placement and other ancillary bits of goop, I'm not sure yet where to put them. I'll keep working along and the proper place will present itself.

This episode is a good reminder of the following:

  1. Revise, revise, revise.
  2. Revise some more.
  3. Re-read what you write, after you've put it away for a while. Fresh eyes.
  4. Sketching out stories or doing character plots beforehand might be a good thing.
  5. They might be a bad thing, because getting too organized for a spontaneity session might reduce the number of times one feels compelled to re-read.
  6. Don't for the love of mike rely on just one author for writing advice. What works for them works for them, and it might not necessarily work for you. Read a lot of advice from a lot of different authors. Confirm a few of your biases -- because you know they work for you -- and learn something new.

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