Monday, August 4, 2014

So, How'd We Do?

Photo courtesy Jeff Fullmer.

It’s hard to believe scout camp is over.

Our five and a half days at Island Park Scout Camp showed us a bit of rain, a bit of sun, not very many mosquitoes and horse flies (thank heaven) and a lot of good food, companionship, and fun.
We also earned, in Tyson Tolman’s words, “A ton of stuff.”

Together, the troop earned 67 merit badges and if we can get the partial merit badges complete, that number will jump up to 73. We also earned twelve rank advancements – with only one requirement left to bring that number to sixteen.

Congratulations to Austin Kukenbacher, Talon Shiffler, Samuel Cody, Hunter Reinbolt, Tyson Tolman, and Will Halverson for earning their Tenderfoot ranks.

Hunter was exceptionally busy at camp, because he also earned his Second Class and First Class ranks.

Austin, Talon, Tyson, and Sam are within one requirement of finishing their work for the Second Class and First Class ranks as well – we’ll get that five-mile hike or 10-mile bike ride with a map and compass worked into our schedule ASAP (good thing we’re already working on the Cycling Merit Badge).

Here’s the list of merit badges, by Scout, earned at camp this year:

Samuel Cody: Weather, Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, Communication.
Liam Davidson: Rowing, Geocaching, Nature, Plant Science.
Ethan Farnes: Weather, Nature, Kayaking, Canoeing, Climbing, Mammal Study.
Benson Fullmer: Weather, Mammal Study, Nature, Geology, Leatherwork, First Aid, Indian Lore.
Dean Halverson: Weather, Canoeing
Will Halverson: Climbing
Austin Kukenbacher: Weather, Canoeing.
Joshua Miller: Orienteering, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Fish and Wildlife Management, Kayaking, Canoeing, Rifle Shooting, Orienteering, Insect Study.
Luke Patterson: Forestry, Mammal Study, Fish and Wildlife Management, Nature, Geocaching, Indian Lore, Wood Carving, Climbing, Rifle Shooting.
Hunter Reinboolt: Fish and Wildlife Management, Leatherwork.
Talon Shiffler: Weather, Canoeing.
Tyler Slater: Weather, Mammal Study, Nature, Geology, Leatherwork, First Aid, Indian Lore.
Ethan Taylor: Kayaking, Climbing.
Tyson Tolman: Weather, Nature, Kayaking, Basketry, Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, Indian Lore, Canoeing, Wood Carving.
Tyler Widdison: Weather, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Basketry, Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, Indian Lore, Climbing, Wood Carving.

Five boys along with their scoutmaster participated in the Polar Bear Plunge this year at camp – that means they were crazy enough to wake up at 6 am, go down to the so-called Warm River (the name’s a joke), dunk themselves completely and stand in the water as they recited the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. For four days in a row. Either congratulations or mental help is suggested for Scoutmaster Brian Davidson and scouts Liam Davidson, Joshua Miller, Tyson Tolman, Ethan Taylor, and Tyler Widdison.

Bryant Slater also brought honor and glory to Troop 125 by placing third in the adult caber toss at the Mountain Man Games by tossing a 10-foot log 41 ½ feet.

I should also point out that Ethan Farnes and Luke Patterson were called out to join the Order of the Arrow. We wish them well as they move on to work in this great scout service organization.

Foul weather forced the cancellation of the Colter Run, which Troop 125 won last year. We decided without a clear winner this year that our troop is still Colter Run champion.

Finally, the troop was awarded one of several Honor Troop ribbons at camp. To win the ribbon, the troop had to keep an orderly camp (we tried our best), exemplify Scout spirit, and complete a service project – we spent more than an hour pulling nails from the rubble of an old tower and cutting the wood up for firewood. Commissioner Jake recognized our troop spirit by sending the North Area’s two spirit sticks – Khaleesi and Daenerys – home with us.

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