Friday, January 30, 2015

Follow-Up on Ditching the Man: Meh.

Meh. That’s pretty much my assessment of Cable One’s internet service, four days after getting it.

The speed is, well, I guess since it’s the lowest tier, we’re getting what we’re paying for. And the service, well, that’s all been my wife, who had to deal with the installer (who appeared to be scared of white coaxial cable rather than the traditional black) and seemed pretty condescending to a household that did not know where the cable hookups were since we had never had cable service in the house.

And the local office seems, to put it bluntly, clueless; we’ll see if the leased modem we had in the house (for a day) which we returned in favor of our own actually appears on our account long enough to be taken off so we’re not paying the $8 a month lease fee. I’m not holding my breath.

So, meh.

And that’s saying something, since meh was about all Centurylink got out of us, before the price increases.

We’ve been in this house coming up on three years now – and we’ve gone through three internet providers in that time. All three of them earned the meh grade, though one – SpeedConnect – got downgraded to whatever it is past meh when they introduced metered billing.

I keep watching the news for the announcement that Google Fiber is coming to our town – and then I read about the $70 a month they want for gigabit service and I have to say meh. Is it really worth that much a month? I have a hard time convincing myself yes.

It’s a shame we have to settle for meh. I’d much rather be astounded by an ISP that underpromised and overdelivered, but I think meh is about all we’re going to get.

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Clara Brooks said...

Too bad you had to settle for a ‘meh’ internet service provider. Did it really have to be the case? Well, I guess that depends on the stuff you are using internet for. If it’s merely about e-mails, social media, and staying connected, anything less than a fiber connection would suffice. But if it's for cable, then it might get frustrating later on. Hopefully, Google Fiber will be available in your area by then. Good luck!

Clara Brooks @ Telco World