Monday, February 23, 2015

Dottie Update: Tail Wag

Early last weekend, after a good long nap with her mom, Dottie gave us both a vigorous tail wag when she woke up and saw us in the room with her.

That’s enormous progress. “Nothing could replace that tail-wag,” my wife said. It was heartening movement from a dog who lost use of her hind legs about three weeks ago.

Thanks to a good friend whose hobby is dachshund rehabilitation, we’ve started Dottie on daily bouts of physical therapy, moving her crippled joints through their range of motion two to three times daily, helping her preserve that muscle memory she’ll need if the nerves ever start to fire again – and seeing that tail wag certainly is an indication that healing continues.

She also wants to wrestle, though we’re being careful with that so she doesn’t re-injure her back. Nevertheless, to see her roll over on her back and bite playfully at our fingers is a good sight to see, brief as we keep the encounters. She wants that normal life and is doing what she can to get it.

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