Monday, March 28, 2016

Leitmotif in Writing

Stumbled across this Nerdwriter video today, looking for inspiration as I continue revising Doleful Creatures.

My last blog post focused on the fact that as I write the story, I’m trying to write it as a chiasmus, showing the development of Jarrod’s character from weak and haunted to unburdened and looking at the present, rather than being shackled to the past. As I organize my story, I’m also focusing on making my characters sound different and be different. The concept of leitmotif, I hope, will help me in that quest.

Not that every character is going to have one – but the major characters ought to have some kind of leitmotif that helps them stand apart. Not that I need another device in this book, as the chiasmus is going to keep me busy. So maybe for The Hermit of Iapetus . . .

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