Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I’ll probably end up regretting this.

I have two insurance plans through my employer. One is the major health plan, covering everything from wellness visits to the pneumonia our youngest son had a year ago. The other covers dental and vision. But the major health plan also covers vision.

So there’s that overlap. Which you’d think would be nice. But I’m afraid it’s about to get ugly.
I’m now in the process of letting both companies know we have overlapping vision coverage. I’ve had to fax information to one of the companies twice. The other wants information through the mail.
I just know this is going to end in tears.

In the gentlemanly world, you’d assume with overlapping coverage that the companies would say “Huh. How about that. Well, we’ll split it 50/50.”

Anyone who believes that is going to happen, stand on your head.

I mean, I hope it all works out. I want to be honest and show I’m cooperative. But these days, with health insurance in the mix, you know the more likely reaction is going to be a he’ll pay/she’ll pay and then the eye doctor is coming to repossess our eyeballs kind of situation.

I suppose I could have ignored their requests, but they print scary things along the bottom of their requests like “Failure to inform may result in loss of benefits!!!” And they’ve stiffed our eye doctor for more than a month now, waiting for said information.

Mr. Huph, I’m sure, would be pleased. Because I’m no expert. I am NOT penetrating the bureaucracy.

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