Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It Wasn't Supposed to Be This Way

So yesterday, shortly before quittin’ time, I got a call from Michelle.

She was at Walmart, trying to get a prescription filled for Isaac – and the pharmacy said our insurance card wasn’t working. Given the pharmacy’s previous track record (putting in an incorrect birthdate for Michelle, finding no insurance, and just shrugging their shoulders and billing is in full) we figured it was a screw-up on their part.

So she tried again. Pharmacy said no, your insurance has been cancelled. “That’s what they’re telling us.”

This continued into bus time, where I was away from my computer, unable to check anything. And our insurance company’s call center is in Missouri, and keeps Central Time hours.

So I stewed about the situation all the way home, got on their website when I got home and sure enough – the insurance had been cancelled as of May 27.

I can think of three things that might have happened:

  1. I was recently moved from North Wind Services LLC to North Wind at work (going from one wholly-owned subsidiary to another). Maybe my insurance didn’t follow me over. Except that our separate dental and vision insurance is still there, all smiling at me.
  2. A few weeks ago, said supplemental insurance asked if we had additional coverage. I told them, yes, we do for eye care. Maybe a wire got crossed there and somebody pulled the plug on things.
  3. Maybe I have indeed been laid off and have been working for the past four days for free.

I have successfully eliminated No. 3 from the list this morning, as I am in the North Wind time card system, and they wouldn’t do that if they had laid off my ass.

I’m about 50% sure No. 2 has been eliminated, as we got another letter last night from the supplemental company asking if we were concurrently enrolled (not surprised to see they hadn’t received my information, sent to them three weeks ago).

So now I wait to see what’s happening with No. 1. I put in a call to our benefits specialist at about 8:30 this morning. While I was waiting, I decided to call the insurance company – and they confirmed the insurance was cancelled by the employer.

But there’s more to it – cancelled, and then supposed to be restored through a different portal at the company (accountants probably understand this). And it was supposed to be a seamless transition, per my employer (just talked with them) but one of the seams popped. They’ll put in an urgent request to the insurance company, which should get our benefits restored in 24 hours. I’m not necessarily holding my breath for that, as the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly.

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