Monday, August 15, 2016

Beta Feedback Blues

So late yesterday afternoon I got some feedback on Doleful Creatures from a beta reader I don’t know.

I’m frightened to open it up.

It’s sitting there in my email, unopened (yet acknowledged, I’m no social dummy most of the time).


A few factors.

We’re leaving on a vacation shortly, and I’m not sure I’ve got the attention span right now to start into a beta feedback reading. Though it’s certainly possible I’ll be taking my Doleful Creatures materials with me as we travel. I always have grandiose visions of getting writing or editing done on vacation, and this time around, it’s no exception.

Also, I’m scared. What if it’s no good?

Yeah, not the best confidence-building role model there.

So I’m taking it with me. When I have a calm moment, I’ll open it up and read it. Hopefully, I’ll find it constructive.

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