Saturday, July 30, 2011

Farewell, Nauvoo

A few things first:

Isaac tried to bring home a souvenir pet tick from our trip through Missouri today. We told him we already have a pet and don't need any more. The tick is now swimming with the fishes in the labarynthine Omaha, Nebraska, sewer system. I hope in the future we don't suddenly hear about an attack of mutant giant sewer ticks attacking the city and its populace. If it does happen, let me apologize in advance.

We're out of the humidity and heat. It actually felt cool today in mid-Missouri, with the temperature at about 82 degrees. I never thought I'd regard the low 80s as cool. I guess everything is relative.

To the "The Book of Mormon is a Lie" guy standing in the heat at the southeast corner of the Nauvoo temple lot: With the wonderful message that is Jesus Christ's gospel, don't you think your energies would be better spent teaching people about the goodness of Christ, of his tender mercies for all of us, and of his tolerance and love of his fellow beings, rather than frothing it up and trying to rile up a bunch of solidly Mormon folk whom you think you're going to convince of their errors with your little placards? Oh. I guess not.

Got to thinking about Hyrum Smith tonight, on the way up the river from Liberty Jail. What a remarkable individual, following his younger brother Joseph around as he did. What love he must have had for Joseph, and what courage and strength of conviction to be with him at his side during their trials at Liberty, during their struggles in Kirtland, Independence and Nauvoo, and eventually at the tragedy of Carthage. That is faith and humility in action, much in contrast to the relationship Nephi had with his older brothers, and Joseph had with his. The same goes for Joseph Smith, Sr., who loved his sons and treated the messages Joseph brought into the world through the power of the Holy Ghost with respect and not a small matter of faith.

Good thing is, though I'm no Joseph, I have brothers like this. I hope I'm a brother like that as well.

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