Monday, July 18, 2011

The [Something] of Teton Pete

IPSC, Chick Creek. An ironically-named creek to flow through a scout camp.

I have spent a good portion of the past weekend re-living some of my more vivid memories of life at Island Park Scout Camp. On Sunday, we took a walk through the camp, visiting the spots Michelle camped as a girls camp camper, and the spots I camped at as a Scout, including that lovely trail on the north end of camp that features the full-grown trees right in the middle of the pathway. I also jumped off the dock into the lake and had that breath-taking-away flashback of the good ol' swim check and realizing it wasn't the swimming that was tough, but trying to remember to breathe while swimming through that cold water.

Then there's the Ballad of Teton Pete. I can remember parts of it and want to teach it to my kids, but I can't remember it all. Here's to hoping someone out there is from the same IPSC era and can help me. Here's what I do remember:

This is the something of Teton Pete
Who something something his fortune to seek
He came through Wyoming and then Idaho
And said “Here I’ve found it no further I’ll go.”

Singing oom-pah-pah oom-pah-pah oom-pah-pah oom-too-dee-ay

Blah-dee-blah-dee-dee-blah blah dee dee blah
“It’s time to get up, you lazy old scamp!”
And blah blah blah blah blah blee-blee-blee-blee-blah
It bounced off the Tetons and woke him at dawn.

Singing oom-pah-pah oom-pah-pah oom-pah-pah oom-too-dee-ay

Help will be appreciated.

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SHANER said...

Hi myk name is Shane Loertscher muy Father Dwain Loertscher is the original Teton Pete send me an email and i will get you a copy of all the verses to The Ballad of Teton Pete my Father Wrote it and it is greatly love in my Family
Im glad you have fond memorys of ipsc as it had been my favorite science 1978 when the song was first sung.