Sunday, December 4, 2011

Suckage Potential: High

So, the potential for this week to suck at work is pretty high.

Why, you may ask? Well, we're starting and finishing an assessment this week to decide whether or not we're ready to open up a new waste retrieval facility, and the people coming to do the assessment are, shall we say, nit-picky.

That's their right and their due; that's why they get paid, and it all helps us do our jobs in a more professional manner.

Still doesn't mean it ain't gonna suck this week.

But ya see, Johnny, here's da ting: We'll get through it. We'll have some bumps and lumps but we'll fix everything and get it right and then move on to opening the facility before the end of the year. What we'll face will be minor hiccups on the road to success, rather than big roadblocks that will stop us completely from getting on with life.

And then they'll lay me off in January. Or June. As a thank-you, you know.

Yes, I'm cynical. It pays to be.

But here's my plan of attack: Whatever happens, we attack it as a team. There'll be none of this "that's your document, this is my document" kind of thing. It's all or nothing. That'll build better team spirit through this tougher time, and maybe that'll help us all pull together. Failing that, I'll just hide in the restrooms next door at AMWTP all week long and hope they never find me.

Nah. Won't do that. I'd reach my Maximum Allowable Hoop Stress in notime flat.

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