Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Intermountain Gas

I’m going to sound like a shill for Intermountain Gas here, but so be it.

In our first house in Rexburg, we used those little zone heaters that run on electricity. Our first month using those things full-blast, we froze to death and paid a $300 electricity bill for the privilege.

I remember our first winter in Sugar City, reveling in the glorious thing that was that house’s natural gas furnace. Supplemented by the wood stove, we kept nice and warm in that house for nearly a decade.

Now in Ammon, we’re back to those crappy zone heaters and, thankfully, a fireplace insert. But Homey don’t play that electric heat game any more.

We’ve got appointments Friday with Intermountain Gas and a local heating installation company to get gas rolling to the new house. Whether it was clever of me or not, I did set some money aside from the sale of our home in Sugar so we could address the heating problem head-on rather than wait as have the past home owners – for more than 20 years now – to address the house’s one serious flaw: heat.

So hopefully March will be a warmer month for us, or at least that is my goal.

And yes, it is my intention to drone on about the house incessantly on this blog, mixed in with other flotsam and jetsam that you’ll find just as uninteresting.

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