Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We're Out. Well, Almost.

It’s official: We no longer reside in Sugar City. Though some of our stuff still does. Temporarily.

Frankly, with the amount of stuff we hauled out of our house, I’m surprised it just didn’t blow up with all of that crammed in there. We have successfully diminished a six-car shop until there’s barely enough room to park two cars in it, and we still had to leave some stuff in Sugar City with friends because we just didn’t have enough room in our two vehicles last night to haul it home. Lexie had to sit in the truck cradling a radio and with a plant dangling in her face. Liam rode with Isaac sitting on his lap. And Michelle had to unbuckle her seatbelt and lean waaaaay forward every time she wanted to check traffic at a stop sign to see if it was clear enough to pass.

Yet we all made it to Iona, our temporary abode for the next few days, unscathed, losing only the top of a shoebox in the voyage.

Today, Michelle goes back to Sugar to pick up a few things we couldn’t cram in the car: A mirror, vacuum cleaner, a garbage can, some stuff to give away and a few random empty boxes. Friday, I go up with her with the trailer to retrieve the swing set and one big garbage can. Then we’re done. And by Friday afternoon, we’ll be moving in to our new home in Ammon. Hopefully.

So what did we do last night? Clean and pack. I scrubbed toilet and cleaned out the fireplace and then spent a long time stuffing things into the truck and car while Michelle cleaned out the refrigerator which, I’m glad to say, stayed there.

Looking forward to a more relaxed few days between now and Friday, however. Riding the bus out to work after sleeping in an extra half hour was nice, and to add to the pleasure I’m able to get on a bus that takes me to RWMC without having to make a change at Central, and that’s nice. Though the seats are cramped. I may have to experiment, see if I can find some seats on the bus that are more suited to the fully-seated gentleman that I am.

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