Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So, a month ago when I signed up for a free online course meant to have me become a programming fiend by the end of the year, I was overly optimistic about the time I thought I’d have to devote to the lessons.

So far, of the four lessons they’ve sent, I’ve completed half of the first one. Had something to do with Java, something to do with strings. Or threads. Or something of that nature, though I could be confusing my lesson with the spool of thread that fell out of our antique sewing machine when I was trying to figure out how to get the cover off over the weekend.

What happened?

We’re moving, for one. Packing up every little bit of furniture and personal stuff in the house and gradually shipping it south towards our new house, which we should be able to get into on Feb. 17.

I still want to complete the lessons. They’re on a backlog of things to do once life settles down a bit more. As if that’ll happen.

Maybe I’m just easily distracted. Or fearing my mortality. Or just a wee bit distracted. And prone to repetition. I am working full time, teaching part time and, in between it all, trying to write novels and play with the kids and give my wife some attention.

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