Monday, April 30, 2012

Well, I Guess You Can Call it the End of an Era

Astute readers of this blog will note I have not written much about Uncharted lately.

First, it was because we'd moved and that, for a while, our Internet access was spotty at best. But life kept getting in the way, and for some reason or other -- some good, such as I've taken on a part-time job of teaching English classes at a local university; and some not so good, such as I flat out got used to not checking my Uncharted email.

So as of this weekend, I'm no longer working for Uncharted.

This isn't a bridges burned, friendships-be-damned parting, however. Just a shift in priorities and where I can put the free time I've got. In many ways, I'll still be involved in Uncharted, through doing some on-call writing, consulting, and other such work fro the very good friends I still have at the company. I just won't be involved in day-to-day operations, or be in charge of editorial content any more.

Why the departure?

See the reasons above. Taking on a part-time job in addition to my full-tme job was rather time consuming, but at the same time was getting some short shrift as I tried to balance Uncahrted win with teaching and working full time and also being a full-time husband. There are those at Uncharted who have lives as busy as this, and I am in awe that they can keep it all together as well as they do. The challenge simply proved, over time, to be too great for me.

Add to that there's a little part of me that has always preferred inertia to action, like Petey here encountering his stink bug, and that makes for a heavenly mix of conundrums mixed in enigmas wrapped in Twinkies.

Oh. I'm also back on writing novels, another significant time-taker.

Lest any rumors be spread, let it be known that I enjoyed my time at Uncharted, as did my wife Michelle. We made some good, lasting friendships that I'm confident will last as we move in a different direction. And you'll still see me on Uncharted as an Explorer, though not one doing the double-duty of pulling strings behind the scenes. You're not rid of my Uncharted babblings yet.

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