Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pants, Flying by the Seat of the

We had our first teacher group meeting tonight for English 106, and I've come away with some mixed feelings.

First of all, the course is, for the instructors, much more of a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of thing than I anticipated. That's both good and bad. That lets us do a little customization within the curriculum, but it also means that YIKES things are still not really all that concrete there are NO rubrics yet for the essays the students have to write and YOWZA there's a lot left up to us as instructors to help fix things up with our students.

Pray for a litle curricular freedom and boy do you get it.

Our TGL said that this iteration of the course is just coming out of Beta and that it probably should have stayed in Beta a while longer. But no matter. Forge on ahead we will, yes? And talk like Yoda we will as well too, hmm hmmm hmmmmm. I wanted a challenge. And I'm getting it.

Is that why they picked me for this course? Because I'm so laid back and flexible? Or am I like Maverick, and prone to thinking that everything I say is so damn dumb that I just might as well roll with the punches and see what happens when Chief Joseph decides I've smoked too much tobacco?

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