Sunday, May 27, 2012

Terrafirming at 3 AM

NOTE: This is what happens when you get a novel idea at 3 am and try to type it out on your Kindle Fire without being fully awake.

Man who talks a lot about atomic science but he's really just an expert in tax code. He is member of minority group persecuted by those in power one day he is away from home doing something, happens to find young kid from his neighborhood who is lost. They meet up with kid's mother and try to go home but their ghetto has been shut off from outside using terraforming technology. The bad guys built in one day sn enormous dirt wall around the ghetto, topped with a ring road tor easy travel that id how they git the project off the ground without suspicion. bad guys won't t let these trio go into ghetto because they think he is atomic scientist and they need atom energy to do greater terrafirming projects. They have his tax accounting book that's in his native language and are convinced hr xsn feet them the power they need so he bluffs them trying at the same tine to find out what is going on inside ghetto they are building enormous buildings for use to make atomic plants and such with slave laborious inside.

Obviously lots of parallels with Nazis and Jews but also obviously art in different planet more technologically advanced in some areas. Beginning space travel, but rudimentary computers, no mass media, no Internet.

Lots of allusions to Kafka's trial, bureaucrats just doing their job not seeing or knowing the big picture.

We're never clear on why this minority group is hated, neither by the haters or by the conjecture of the hated.

There are some from majority group also in ghetyo they needed lots of land for the projecct and they react in varying degrees to their situation. Man's friend Yim never understood "difference" in groups, he is only interested in reading and collecting butterflies. Others react with dismay at being trapped with the minority.

Make it obtuse yet blear ghat yge oppressive government is progressive yet regressive, so yge liberals out there don't have another conservative dystopia yo crow about. Like Lois lowry.

They are building enormous plant to make fissile material and rickets so they can send a bunch of stuff up to start progressine moon colony to terraform so there's a place with no pollution for the ultralibs to go live.

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