Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let's Hope Gentry Lee Isn't Involved Here

Good news -- unlike Arthur C. Clarke novels about Rama -- is supposed to come in threes.

So with three bits of good news today:

1) I turned in paperwork to get my ID badge at work renewed this morning.

2) The Department of Energy officially extended CWI's contract at the Idaho National Laboratory through Sept. 30, 2015.

3) Layoffs ended today with me still not laid off.

you'd think I'd be in the pink. Well, there are four bits of news that are in play, so still waiting on that last steel-toed shoe to drop: How much funding will there be?

Today's press release from CWI/DOE does offer a hint: They say the value of the three-year contract extension is $730 million spread, I assume, over those three years. So not big mojo, year-to-year. Not tiny mojo either, but we'll have to see how the bean-counters interpret the numbers once everything's settled and once the monkeys in Congress calm down enough to come back off their interminable banana breaks and actually pass a budget. For this year at least.

I choose to remain optimistic because, hey, optimism has served me well so far. But you never do know when that one icicle is going to fall off the garage . . .

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