Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Doleful Creatures: Coming Together At Last

Earlier this week, this happened:

It is, in fact, a very rough outline of the rest of "Doleful Creatures," which I'm hoping should consume another 8,000 words or so, but we'll see. There are other bits of the novel that need re-working, or re-re-working and that may take more words (or fewer) but progress is being made. And it's s far sight better than the novel it was this time six months ago, when I'd pretty much given up one it.

And today, this happened:

I like to do a map, mostly because I like to do maps, but also because it works like a kind of visual outline and reminder of things that happened, and things that still need to happen.

So I'm excited about this one. Again. The plot-within-a-plot is working well, and I hope to have things tied up soon.

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