Monday, November 18, 2013

Gratitude, Part III

20. . . .to the producers of “JFK – 3 Shots that Changed America,” for producing such a fine, factual documentary on the assassination, by sharing a link to it here.

And then freaking out when Mr. Salt from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” offers a Kennedy tribute at about 1.13:00 into the film.
Don’t forget Part 2.
19. . . .to Jim Bishop, who wrote “The Day Kennedy Was Shot,” a fine piece of historical journalism, by plugging his book here to anyone interested in this bit of history.
18. . . .to Art Flores, who took a chance on a washed-up journalist and hired him as a technical writer at the Idaho national Laboratory, by manning the RWMC as the sole tech writer now, where there were five before.
17. . . .to Jilene Burger, who ran for some kind of elected office in Idaho Falls and who has left some of her campaign signs up, by imitating Homer Simpson saying “Mmm . . . burger,” every time I see one of her signs.
16. . . .to Pat Perry, ops manager at RWMC, who trusts me on procedure writing methods enough to ask for help, by being honest in defending the other writers when they’re right, and questioning when I think they might be wrong.
15. . . .to Dan “Gunga Dan” Rather, the last entertaining evening newscaster this nation ever had, by calling him “Gunga Dan.”
14. . . .to Danny Raschke, my writing supervisor, who trusts me enough to do my work to leave me alone at RWMC, by doing my work as it should be done.
13. . . .to Walter Wangerin Jr., whose book “The Book of the Dun Cow” affected me greatly, by writing a book that’s even a shadow as good as his.
12. . . . to Tony Lanzio whose gonzo approach to speaking combined his native Italian with English, French, and German, by learning French as a missionary so in part it was easier to understand him (he was one of my Dad’s friends).
11. . . . to Tony Lanzio, for letting us know that CAL Ranch has nice shiny buckets, by promising to buy one of them, someday.
10. . . . to Mr. Beddingfield, who taught us pinochle in junior high school, by continually looking for people who’ll play it with me. Anyone? Really?
9. . . . To Jeff Bezos, who is giving Apple a run in the tablet market, by owning two Kindle Fires to balance out the iPad and the iPad Mini my wife has.
8. . . . to Steve Martin, for being a ramblin’ man, by sharing this:

7. . . .to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, for their rendition of “Give Said the Little Stream” and how it makes me bawl like Flick every time I see it, for sharing this, while I cry some more:

6. . . . to Charles Schulz, for insisting that this scene be included in his first Peanuts TV special:

5. . . . to Richard Thompson, for bringing us characters like Ernesto Lacuna and Petey Otterloop Jr. (and Sr.), and for his current battle against Parkinson’s Disease, by encouraging everyone to read his comic strip.

4. . . .to Scott Adams, for making me want to emulate Wally far more than is healthy for a good employer-employee relationship, by secretly idolizing Wally while trying to achieve competence at work.
3. . . .to Groundskeeper Willie, for reminding us that there’s nary an animal alive that can outrun a greased Scotsman, by shouting “Make way for Willie” whenever I do something I thought was physically beyond my ken.
2. . . .the prophet Enos, who taught us that even if you’re a smelly hunter, you can still be in touch with God, by being a smelly writer who tries to be in touch with God as much as I can.
1. . . .to Nephi, who reminds us of this: Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy. By being joyful.

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