Thursday, April 3, 2014

Code Re-Use

Many moons ago, I started writing an ill-fated story about a small family of moles who lived in a trailer park. One of the young moles falls in love with a human living in one of the trailers, and hilarious hijinx ensued. At least they would have ensued had I continued with the story and had it been any good.

There was only one part I liked, and that was a little chant the mole brothers and sisters of the besotted teased her with.

Tonight, I found a way to work it into Doleful Creatures.

It's not quite code reuse, but it's close.

Here it is:

Above, Chylus and Magda were getting amorous, much to the delight of the moles, most of whom were watching them now rather than listen to Jarrod.

A young female mole named Pinecone started a traditional molish love-chant: “Mole-heart, mole-heart, love with the sun," she shouted at the crows, grinning a mocking grin and bouncing on her heels.

"Mole-lass, mole-lass, make a wreath for one!" her brother Ditchbottom added in a rather silly voice.

"Leaf-dance, earth-dance, wed the lucky pair," chortled Pinecone, grabbing Ditchbottom's hand in her left hand and pulling him into a circle-dance below the now embarrassed crows.

"Love of one, love of two, tunnels through the air!" Ditchbottom finished the chant.

The moles watching the circle laughed. The crows sheepishly righted themselves on the branch above and settled a bit further apart than they liked. They flapped their wings in embarrassment.

And here's the code re-use reference:

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