Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Next: Round Three-Point-Five

Round Three is over.

And Doleful Creatures still isn’t ready.

Oh, it’s more ready. The last month of reading and writing haven’t been wasted. But there’s still more to be done. Either more to be added or more to be taken out, I’m not sure.

But again it’s time to put it away for a bit. Let it simmer.

I added just over 10,000 words, just over 35 new pages to the book in Round Three. Most of the additions are good, and help the entire story be more coherent.

But there are still weaknesses.

The ending, as I feared a while back, is too abrupt. Or maybe the explanation of the ending comes too far from it. Or maybe I’m just full of hooey.

So the book will sit for a while. BUt not quite yet. In completing Round Three, I've come to the conclusion that the final five chapters or so need quite a bit of punching up. So I'm going to work on them. Call it Round 3.5. Then I’ll begin Round Four.

Round Four, however, is going to have to involve more eyes than mine. Again, the call for beta readers goes out.

UPDATE 4/18/14: Round 3.5 is going well. I've added another six pages and 2,000 words. More importantly, the ending is making a lot more sense now. Tying a lot of loose little things together.

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