Monday, June 29, 2015

Eighth Edit: No Longer Facepalming Into Unconsciousness

The video below pretty much embodies how I felt about Doleful Creatures after I closed the 7th revision and started on the 8th:

Yes, there was plenty of discouragement to go around. So much so, I almost decided to obey the instructions I offered myself on my chapter analysis when I got to Chapter 38:

“Maybe I should just chuck the book and get my free time back . . . “

When I go close to that point in the 8th revision, I decided it was time to put the book away for a while. I didn’t really have much time to dedicate to editing anyway, and with the despair settling in, it was clear I needed some distance once again.

I picked it up again today, and now this is how I’m feeling:

There’s still plenty of work I have to do to get this 8th revision done – but I’m past the despair and back into the hope. There are still redeeming qualities in Doleful Creatures that I need to persue.

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