Sunday, June 28, 2015

Has the Fridge Broken Down?

Dawned on me today that it's been about five months since I last posted any of my kids' artwork on my kids' art blog.

I have mixed feelings about that.

First, yes, I should keep posting. I have a lot of art that I haven't posted yet.

At the same time, not much of it is recent. I've got a lot of stuff they did when they were younger, but as they've gotten older, the type of art they do has changed. They still do lots of creative things -- just not on easily-accessed bits of paper that I can scan into the computer.

They've built several TARDIS models in Minecraft. I'm sure there's ways to do screen captures. But who's got the time to learn? I should -- because it's their art now. So there's a goal for the next few months.

Our daughter is creating a lot of stuff with loom bands. But she gives most of it away before I can get the camera out, and the dogs typically find and chew up the rest. They're such art critics, those two weenie dogs.

And she's done things like this, to design a logo for t-shirts they'll wear at camp this summer:

So the art blog may be on hiatus for a little while longer. I'm so sorry

I may also combine blogs, posting an occasional bit of art here, rather than on a separate blog. Oh, we bloggers have such trials to deal with . . . 

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