Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Again with the Revisions . . .

I know I keep saying things like this, but I’m going to say it again:

I’m taking a new approach to editing Doleful Creatures.

This next time through, it’s just to read the story. I’m going to try to put the pen down as much as possible, only taking it up to ask the book or the characters or the book’s idiot author questions. I’m also going to re-read the synopsis – of which I’m proud – each time I pick up the book to read. That’ll help me focus on keeping the story moving as it should. And, hopefully, identify the fluff.

Good things:

I’ve already eliminated a lot of fluff. I’ve killed characters and story arcs.

I’ve got a good bead on a few things that need to be added to complete some character development, and to bring some hope to the characters at the end. (It has been trending to a rather bleak storyline, even  though the good guys win at the end. (Maybe that’s where I need to go, to bring in a little happiness at the end, when the itch for writing more hits me.)

I can feel the book coming closer to completion. I’m nine-tenths of the way there.

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