Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nothing But Scum

Some negative-vibe merchant tried to use my credit card to buy $277 worth of stuff from a home decoration store in Canada over the weekend.

Fortunately, our bank recognized the fraud immediately – not sure if it was because of the location or because it was my card being used in a folderol store – called us, and got the charge reversed and card cancelled.

I certainly hope they catch this two-bit, booger-baggin’ buttaramus and don’t leave HomeSense holding the bill. Yeah, maybe they are a big corporation and can “afford” it. But you know what, it’s the TB4 who deserves to pay the bill (and be prosecuted for using someone else’s card).

I sincerely hope HomeSense finds this individual and nails their smelly hide to the wall.
I also hope to find out what they bought, so I can figure out why they thought stealing someone’s credit card was worth a $277 shopping spree at a home d├ęcor store. (I suppose it could be a purchase at any of HomeSense’s sister companies as well, ranging from TJ Maxx to Marshalls to I don’t know what else. Doesn’t matter.)

So far, it appears only one credit card of ours was compromised – a check of our credit reports isn’t as of yet showing any other suspicious signs.

Also this week: A different TB4 cut the padlocks on the two Scout trailers parked at the church. By sheer dumb luck we’d parked our trailer snug against a light pole, so they couldn’t get the door open to get inside, but it sounds like they did some rather extensive burgling of the neighboring trailer. Probably the same dorks who slashed the trailers’ tires last year. Again, I’d like to find those responsible, and maybe pound a little sense into them. They also probably think this is a “victimless” crime, since they’re stiggin it to “the church,” which surely can afford it. No, boys (and I’m sure it’s boys; I hesitate to call them men), you aren’t doing that. You’re hurting a bunch of Scouts who have no money to replace what you’ve stolen.

I have higher confidence that the person who stole my credit card number will be caught rather than the trailer burglars. Thought my confidence isn’t all that high to begin with in either case.

I begin to hate people. That’s not good.

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