Saturday, July 12, 2008

Come to Find Out, I'M One of Those Bastards

Boy is my face red.

Been reviewing the quarterly statements for our investments, and, for the past two quarters, they've not been pretty. First quarter this year, we lost about $4,000, which is like having a three-year-old body-slam you in the groin. For the second quarter, losses were much less than I'd anticipated. One of our funds actually made money, and I was feeling pretty good about it until something stored in the back of my head about our investment mix made me actually look at the statement this time. Seems the only reason we made money this quarter in this fund is because we're invested in an energy fund. Meaning oil. Meaning I'm one of those scabs I'm angry at for making money on the increase in fuel prices.

But, as this investment has made me more money than the proposed gas tax holidays would save me, part of me feels pretty good about it. It's kinda weird, being on this side of the scab fence for once.

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