Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On the One Hand . . .

On the one hand, I can look at it as getting practice on job interviews. On the other hand, I'm getting a little tired of interviewers who thank me politely then say, "We'll get back to you." What does that mean, exactly, aside from the obvious: "You are pond scum," is what I'd like to know.

Yes, I interviewed with Utah State University yesterday, interrupting the interview briefly as I had to flee a sprinkler that suddenly started shooting water at me as I was taking the call behind the bus depot at Central. I think it went well, though the job -- offering a minimum of $35,000 -- probably won't pan out. My luck, it's the one I'll get offered, at a lowball salary that I can't take because we're not making ends meet on the $43,000 I'm making a year now. At least I'm not working for a stupid newspaper any more. Alan e-mailed yesterday with the announcement that the city editor position was open at the paper he works at. Just the thought of it turned my stomach.

I e-mailed my contact at BEA today, hoping to hear back on the other two jobs I've interviewed for. Nothing back. That's both good and bad, good in that I didn't get a flat-out rejection, bad in that in all likelihood she just wansn't in her office to get the e-mail so she could give me the bad news. That's what I'm preparing for. Good thing is that my spirits here have jumped a bit, what with the EAR revisions going much better than expected, so there's still lights on and a party going as far as this job is concerned. And given that even though all doesn't mean all, at least it means more than expected, so it's likely the work here will continue, depending on if they decide to continue with layoffs to the point they only have one guy left to turn the lights off once everybody else has flown the coop. But of course by then the coop will have either been demolished or turned over to AMWTP -- I have no idea how long their mission will be going. So who knows what'll happen?

My gosh. I think the guy in the corner cubicle here just coughed up his giblets.

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