Saturday, August 16, 2008


Of all the things I saw in France but didn't get to bring home with me, this is the one I regret the most: A venerable Citroen 2CV. I spotted this one at an apartment complex in Perigueux, sometime in late 1990. Just looking at most of the examples I saw, I could tell people had great pride in these little machines. Almost every one I saw was immaculately clean, painted and polished. I really wanted to bring one home, but being penniless, the closes I could come was this picture. (Had the photographer been paying attention, I would have had two 2CVs in the picture; as it is, I get 1 1/2.)

Bitter disappointment: I never got to ride in one. I was nearly run over by one. Maybe that qualifies.

Now the 2CV is celebrating its 60th anniversary, according to the BBC. Wish I were back in France for the party.

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