Thursday, August 21, 2008

Going Viral

My wife, of course, is flattered. And we at Uncharted now welcome our new Brazilian overlords.

Several weeks ago, I created a video for Uncharted, showing off a tour my wife and I took of the Paris Sewers (you can read about it here). We also posted the video on YouTube, in Uncharted’s channel. It languished there for a long time, trailing in popularity behind an Uncharted fishing video.

No longer. Something called the Weshow picked up the video and it’s now a minor hit in Brazil, of all places. On the 19th alone, more than 240 people watched it. That’s not a lot of eyeballs, but it’s the most eyeballs on an Uncharted video to date. Now I wish the site were updated so people in Brazil could start submitting. I also wish there hadn’t been a glaring typo in one of the captions. But wish in one hand and spit in the other, is what Grandpa Speirs always used to say.

So we’ll keep track of the video over the next few days. Hopefully, it remains popular. You never know.

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