Sunday, November 9, 2008


The more I delve into the writing I've committed against the universe in years past, the more I believe in evolution. Not the "Me Uncle's a Monkey" kind of evolution, but the idea that things change over time.

I have noticed, for instance:

-- I am much less tolerant of typos now than I was years ago.
-- I have finally mastered the concept of putting punctuation inside quotes, rather than orphaning them on the outside, where it's cold.
-- Though I favor books based on anthropomorphism (the attributing of human characteristics to animals, i.e., moles wearing waistcoats and crows that talk) I have yet to tackle writing in such a genre to any great effect. Though I have produced some samples that, huh, I think are pretty good.
-- I am trending now towards making my writing less formulaic and more like the ordinary, more conversant, day-to-day crap I produce. I'm not sure if this qualifies as evolution or devolution.

I think, overall, that I see progress in my writing, which is a good thing, since I had only one direction to go. Okay, two directions. But I think I'm getting better. Or at least I'm turning into a monkey.

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