Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I, Moron

Just a few minutes ago I was back at the scanner, preparing a case file for work. As the scanner did its thing, I looked out the window, hoping to see one of the small rabbits that live underneath our trailer. Haven't seen much of them this year, so it's always fun to see one squatting on one of the bare patches in the gravel that they've smoothed out over years of squatting in the gravel, black eyes staring at the dinks staring at them out the window.

Today, no bunny. So, in a quiet but high squeaky voice, I said "Oh, no bonny wee bunnies."

I think I said it too loudly -- because one of my co-workers in a neighboring cubicle gave me a funny look as I walked past.

Oh well.

No bonny wee bunnies.

Update, 2:17 pm: I'm not the only one on the lookout for the bunnies. Someone has been tossing out bits of apple into the patch of grass where the bunnies eat. Not that the bunnies are eating the apples, mind you; a rather large crow is out there right now, feasting away.

A crow-related note: These birds here know no fear. I walked within two yards of one today and all it did was look at me. Not worried in the least. And with good reason. I walked past a pair of them a few weeks ago and discovered they were pecking away at a pair of bunny feet, hind variety. So they, too, are on the lookout for the bunnies.

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Maaike said...

Brian, you're a nut. But I like bunnies, too.