Thursday, November 6, 2008

Worst. Sour Grapes. Ever.

I'm always fascinated listening to election concession speeches, those given by the candidates who valiantly fought the battle but eneded upin second (or third) place. WHile some of them are truly sincere (like I believe John McCain's was), many are, obviously, filled with horse neers.

Then there's Rex Rammell.

Rex, an independent Republican bitter at coming in a distant third to Republican Jim Risch in the race for Idaho's open Senate seat, had this to say in The Standard Journal about his loss to Risch:

"Time will prove that everyone who voted for Jim Risch made a mistake. It is obvious to me that Risch supporters simply haven't suffered enough. When Jim Risch has turned the state upside down voters are going to look at themselvees in the mirror and kick themselves."

Heartfelt? Yes. Honest? Absolutely. I love a politician who will speak his mind. But -- correct me if I'm wrong here -- insinuating that voters are stupid because they voted for your opponent, is that the way politicians ought to kiss butt, especially politicians who might consider running for ze public office again? No.

Voters have loooooooong memories, Mr. Rammell. Just because you had a snit with Mr. Risch when, as acting governor, he ordered the elk that escaped from your elk ranch shot because of the chance they'd spread chronic wasting disease to the wild elk population is no reason to tell every person who voted for Risch in this contest that they're stupid. Yeah, you didn't directly say that. But you may as well have.

I didn't vote for Risch, by the way. I voted for Larry LaRocco. So you probably think I'm stupid, too.

We also have a runner-up in the worst election performance ever, this time from Rep. Mike Simpson, who won handily over his Democratic opponent. His radio commercials, however, never mentioned his opponent -- instead he took potshots at LaRocco, running against Risch. Childish.

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