Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Cokesbury Party Blog. Sigh.

Used under the fair use doctrine for commentary purposes.

Those of you paying attention and spending Sunday without anything more constructive to do have probably noticed I've redesigned the blog a bit. No real reason behind the redesign, expect that I noticed perhaps I wasn't using some of Blogger's tools to full effect.

I've also recently joined a writer's group (more on that later) and thought a general wash and brush-up of the blog would be a good thing to do.

That led me, of course, to rediscovering some of the stuff I've put on this blog and on my other blogs as well.

I've just spent a good half hour re-discovering the Cokesbury Party Blog. What a fun blog that was. I enjoyed that one a lot more than I'm enjoying its current replacement, The Treasury of Laughter. I put a lot more heart into the the CPB, obviously, I've discovered in re-reading a few of the entries tonight. I feel like Gonzo, except that I had a lot of things to remember, strolling down the memory lane that is the CPB.

Alas, shortly before I ran out of parties to report on, I found a similar book at the local thrift store. I didn't buy it, because it clocked in at nearly $4. I regret not spending that money now.

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